Training—the new competitive advantage

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Whether in sports or in business, success is achieved during the training period. In Christopher J. Bucholtz’s recent article, 5 Ways to Guarantee Sales Will Hate Your CRM, he writes: “In reality, even the best-designed and most intuitive CRM applications contain a lot of power that can be accessed only with specialized knowledge of the [...]

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How do you get the most from your training program?

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It was a great training session! Packed with important information about the new program at work. The trainer was an expert and kept the group focused and, on occasion, laughing. Everyone was anxious to get to work. Except… over the next few days it was harder and harder to figure out how to implement the [...]

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Don’t miss a single lead at your next open house!

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Collecting open house leads the old fashioned way? Never lose another lead by downloading our free Open House Visitor app for your iPhone or iPad! Check it out and let us know what other features you’d like to see… Click here: Open House Visitor Sign In App Convenient to use, and gives you all the information [...]

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Are you making this mistake with your team?

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As a leader, you must make sure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined for your team. No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as an entrepreneur or small business owner depends on your ability to build and inspire a team. A successful leader is one who can spur his [...]

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PlanPlus Online chosen as a best Real Estate CRM solution by 10 Best CRM

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10 Best CRM, an online CRM ranking service, has chosen PlanPlus Online for their 10 Best Real Estate CRM Software list. “PlanPlus Online Real Estate is a CRM software that includes an array of enterprise features for professionals in the real estate business,” 10 Best CRM reported in their review. “Such an IT solution gives [...]

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The number 1 source of business for realtors is….

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Referrals & Repeat Business are Still the #1 & #2 source of business for Realtors. In a recent study by the National Association of Realtors 86% of survey respondents ranked Referrals and Repeat business as “Very Important”.  Internet was in third place with only 52% of agents indicating it was “Very Important”. What are you [...]

How many people do I need in my Sphere of Influence?

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Here is a Q&A that I received recently via email: Question: How many people should I have in my Sphere of Influence? Answer:  Well, the exact number may vary but if you are looking for a good rule of thumb then shoot for 200. Why 200 you ask?  200 names should be able to get [...]

SnapShot: 2014 Real Estate Trends

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2014 has started the year strong with a flood of existing homes on the market. Some markets are seeing a steady incline in new construction and land sales in the residential market are expected to climb to support that new growth. Will this be the year we see our home values bouncing back to where they were pre-2007? […]

Productivity Hacks: Real Estate Edition

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Have you seen the Productivity Hacks on Linkedin this week? If you haven’t, I suggest you check them out here: The typical day of a new Real Estate Professional IS a productivity nightmare.  Your day is spent running from home to home, entering quick voice notes on your iPhone that never actually get copied into a database.  […]

Why the New Year is a Great Time to Launch Your New CRM Initiative

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As various holidays wind down and we head into the New Year, many of us will make resolutions to implement positive changes and improvements in our personal lives during the coming year. The New Year is also a great time to make resolutions in business; to roll out new initiatives on an organizational level and embrace tools that can drive success during the coming year. […]